Progress – Detection VI Complete

We have just completed our note detection virtual instrument in LabVIEW. TheVI divides the input video signal into small detection waveforms (one for each colored note) and sets level triggers. If the voltages rises above a trigger point for that note, the indicator turns on.

The screenshot below illustrates the VI in action. Both the red and blue notes are detected so the indicators are turned on (note: even though the blue appears a bit dark, it is in fact on). The spikes seen on the edges of the waveform are outside of our detection area so they are not being monitored. The pixel information contained in that portion corresponds to the white outlines of the fret board.

Detection VI Front Panel


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  1. Rob on

    Does the concept of inventing this lead to any greater insight in bringing up your guitar hero scores? 🙂

    I might be induced to invent my own guitar hero robot if it could help me beat my son at the game.

    Kind regards,


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