It’s Alive!

Up to this point, Slashbot has been divided into two major components: the “brain” and the “body”. The brain consists of our PXI system and LabVIEW code which analyzes the video signal. The body is a discrete circuit that amplifies a digital signal to fire a solenoid actuator used to press buttons on the Guitar Hero game controller.

For the first time, we connected the body to the brain. Currently the robotic circuit only utilizes a single actuator. Now that we have verified the circuit performs correctly, it will be duplicated five times (once for each of the remaining controller buttons and once for the strum bar). We were very excited to see both parts of our system working in tandem. The robotic circuit was connected to the detection line of a single colored note (green). Every time a green note passed through our detection area on the screen the actuator would press the green button on the game controller.

The next step is to duplicate the circuit for all buttons and the strum bar. We also need to tweak the timing of the system so the buttons are pressed at the correct time in the game and not when they are immediately detected.


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