Update with Pics & Video of Testing

Only two weeks remain before Demo Day and we’ve been very busy getting Slashbot functioning properly. The actual robotic portion of the project is complete and we are in the final testing stages. The software (all LabVIEW!) has gone through many revisions over the past month and, like the hardware, it is being tested for final release.

There has been one major modification to the software within the last week. Reluctantly, we removed the functionality that would allow the system to detect the tempo of the song and adjust delays appropriately. The original motivation for this function stems from the delay that occurs between note detection and when the note should be played. As it was, our system was unreliable. In the interest of creating a robust design we implemented a manual delay adjustment control. It is slightly less elegant, but makes Slashbot much more reliable.

Below are some pictures and a video of our current setup.

The controller apparatus – we definitely plan to clean up the presentation

A closeup of the solenoid actuators used to press the controller buttons.

A very short demo of the first test of our “working” system. We still need to make plenty of tweaks. This is a video of Slashbot playing on Medium difficulty. Our circuit was not completely working at the time this video was shot so we could not play with more than four buttons (which would allow Hard and Expert play modes).

We plan to have more complete and hopefully more impressive videos up soon!


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