Slashbot vs. Man – Expert Mode

Cool feature alert! Today we tested Slashbot in EXPERT multi-player mode. It was relatively simple to implement multi-player. We just changed the range of pixels that we wanted to monitor relative to the shifted positions of notes in two player mode. It is difficult to say whether man or machine prevailed. In our tests, Slashbot always achieved a higher accuracy percentage, but Vinny could keep multiplier streaks for longer, resulting in higher scores.

My Name is Jonas – EXPERT
Slashbot: 97%
Vinny: 96%


5 comments so far

  1. phil on

    hey i’m not dissing your bot or anything, but i saw a robot on youtube get 100% on ttfaf.

    maybe you could get ideas from it?

  2. slashbot on


    Thanks for the comment. The link you posted is actually a software bot. That means the all the notes were programmed to be played. With a bot, signals are sent directly to the game controller, nothing is actually pressed or played. Our solution is different in the sense that it is a mechanical robot that physically presses the buttons on the guitar. Also, our robot works by analyzing the video signal to recognize notes on the screen. This makes it possible to play any song in the game. The “bot” you refer to can only play TTFAF because that is what it was programmed to do.

  3. Reutermo on

    Hahaha, really cool thing.

    But i am kinda sad that a bot can play better then my on a Game 😛

  4. angelo on

    just watched cliffs of dover. it’s the most insane thing i’ve ever seen. cool! is there an email address i can send you some info on a cool guitar hero promo?

  5. thetrueconsumer on

    I’m going to have to agree with Reutermo. Some day I will defeat this robot. But seriously, that’s pretty incredible. Very impressive, guys.

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