Slashbot Links

Slashbot made a nice splash on the internet last year. Here are some notable links:

Guitar Hero Slashbot Riffs Uncontrollably – Plots Mankind’s Downfall

Guitar Hero Robot Shows Just How Much Its Creators Love Achievements

10 Wonders of the Gaming World

G4’s Attack of the Show – Robot News!

Guitar Hero “Slashbot” Shreds Meatbot Players


4 comments so far

  1. Rodrigo Vilas Boas on

    Hello guys,

    I´m technical marketing engineer of National instruments Brasil and I´m really interesting to use the slashbot as demo in some events here in Brasil.

    I would like to have a answer about the possibilties to provide more informations about hardware and software staff that you used in the slashbot.

    PLease contact me to talk about the possibilities to have one demo like this here in Brasil.

    Phone: +55 11 3149-3155

  2. Alsing Stands on

    This is pretty much spot on with my view of things. I would mostly agree and think you wouldn’t get an argument with others.

  3. on

    I like your style. I especially love the colorful tablecloths in your still life’s below. Christine

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