This blog is dedicated to the ECEN 405: Senior Electrical Design project of Texas A&M students: Dave Buckner, Mitchell Jefferis, Vinny LaPenna, and Michael Voth. We hope this blog will serve as documentation for the overall design process and project execution.

Project Definition:

We plan to create a robotic system capable of autonomously playing the video game Guitar Hero. We hope to realize our solution using video signal analysis, the LabVIEW programming environment, and analog circuits.

Contact: m h v o t h [a t] g m a i l [d o t] c o m


7 comments so far

  1. Woody on

    This is awesome, guys!

  2. Justin on

    Damnit, I thought my 100ft laser microphone was a cool project. You guys make me look like a business major.

  3. David on

    Hey guys, first off I want to say this is a badass senior design project. I’m really curious to see how it works. Also, I want to play against it to see if I can beat it because I read somewhere that it had yet to be beaten by a person.

  4. Chris on

    Pretty cool. Wouldn’t it have been easier without the robot, though? Just simulate the controller output?

  5. Dale on

    U guys shoul;d def have it give one a try. i think itd be able to do it

  6. DeepNote on

    Your bot is cool but….

    DeepNote is better:

  7. anonymous on

    how much did it cost to make the slashbot?

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